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I’ve run weekly talk shows for the past five years and I’m breaking down all my tips and tricks for you in this mini training!


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Here’s what you need to know to get started!

Picking Your Type Of Show

Are you going to educate or entertain your viewers? Figure out what your goal is before coming up with your show’s topic.

Once you have a topic, all episodes should be themed like that topic and all guests should be able to speak to that theme.

Your show isn’t a free-for-all...if viewers don’t know what to expect, they won’t bother watching.

Want to ask if your topic idea is marketable? I’m happy to help bounce ideas! Message me here with what you do, what your business is, and what you’re considering for a show topic.

Bonus Video

Here’s a bonus class I taught for BeLive on the 15 types of main live-streams you can do for your business!

Finding Guests


Use this fill-in-the-blank template to ask guests to be on your show. Feel free to copy and paste into your email or use it as a jumping off point and write your own script.

Remember: you want to space out your emails and not email everyone at once. 

Pro tip: Get to know potential guests through their website and social media before you contact them.

Marketing Your Show

Want to make this the easiest platform to use in your business? Let me give you a 14 day free trial on me with my affiliate link!

How To Go Live (Without Stress)

This is the platform I use to go live for all of my shows. It has notes I can use on screen, the ability to screen share, allows up to four guests on screen at once and multiple guests waiting in the wings, has the ability to share products and pricing on air, gives me overlay and background options, AND the ability to talk with guests off air before and after the show. Here’s how it works!


Because I’m affiliated with Be.Live, they’re currently offering a free month of service to the first five people from this training who sign up for the Standard+ package right now. 

If you show me your receipt, I’m throwing in an added bonus: a custom overlay I’m creating specific to YOUR business!

Creating Your Overlays and Backgrounds

Sizing for overlays and backgrounds

1280×720 pixels

Bonus Freebies:

Grab this overlay template and background to use for your show!

Feel free to add words, your logo, and even change the colors to match your branding!

Best Practices

When live broadcasting, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

*Keep your intro short and get right to the point (don’t waste time talking about your day or things unrelated to the topic

*Don’t wait for people to show up to start the show (people on the replay will not stay for you stalling, they will leave because you wasted their time)

*Always end your show with a call to action (join newsletter, join next episode of show, download freebie, etc)

*Keep your focus on your guest. If they’re there to teach or entertain, don’t try to teach the content as well—they are your expert for the episode, not you

*Don’t let there be dead air. Find something to say while waiting for fan questions to come in.

*Always have questions prepared in advance in case no one asks in the comments while you’re on air

*Smile as much as possible, you don’t want to look grumpy because people won’t watch

*Use good lighting (see my Resources page for affordable lighting solutions if your natural light isn’t enough)

*Have a basic schedule for your show so you never wonder where to go next

Repurposing Content

You're Ready!

You’ve got the 101 knowledge on running your own live broadcast talk show!

Jump into a closed Facebook group and practice a few times before diving into your show and then get to it!






The Action Plan

A step-by-step printable guide to prepare for the big livestream of the month, caption for the livestream, content to address and questions to answer, pre and post-marketing swipe files and templates, and cheat sheets to get your livestream ready to go.


The Monthly Magazine

A printable magazine with livestream tips and tricks, beset practices, an in-depth look at new livestream features and functions, downloadable templates, fill-in-the-blank captions for extra livestreams during the month, holiday-specific bonus livestream topics, and a monthly Ask Me Anything topic.


The Content Calendar + Other Paperwork

A monthly calendar that can be printed with a timeline for setting everything up for the livestream, including marketing and design elements so you’re never stressed on broadcast day + any additional paperwork you might need for the livestream of the month.


Weekly Office Hours and Channel Audits

Once a week, K.M. goes live in the closed members community to hold office hours, answer real-time questions, drop tips and breaking livestream news, offer on-air analytic analysis of your account and offer feedback to help tweak your platform to be more profitable and actionable, and more.

Join others just like you and get a clear, concise roadmap to success for one big livestream in your business peer month, plus breaking news, tips for all the other types of live-streams you might do doing the month, real-time office hours where I can help, and more.

I’m here to hold your hand and support you as you jump into the world off livestreaming, repurposing your content, and making the most out of your marketing to grow a profitable business!

Save Time And Frustration

Use the action plan strategy to create a script, set up your broadcast, get your marketing in order, and be fully prepared to go live in under an hour.

Eliminate Fear and Overwhelm

Never worry about what to say, what guests to have on your livestream, how to use the technology—or worse—flounder while you’re on air. Be confident in everything you’re going to say and do before hitting record.

Get Support and Accountability

Get access to our exclusive Facebook group with other members and direct access to K.M. Robinson for weekly office hours, check ins, Q&A session, and strategy specials—you’re not in this alone.